Pudhumai Penn Scheme 2023: Eligibility, Objectives, Benefits, how to apply

In India now and then governments launch various schemes for the welfare of the society, the central government of India does it on a major scale where they have to take care of every person in the country, state-level governments function differently, and their reform and policies are strictly towards the people living in a particular state of India.

Pudhumai Penn Scheme

In the same way in this blog, we will be discussing one state-level scheme which was launched in Tamil Nadu and known as Pudhumai Penn Scheme. This scheme is strictly reserved for the state of Tamil Nadu and that too only female candidates satisfying the minimum eligibility criteria of the scheme will e awarded the benefits.

We will discuss the benefits and Pudhumai Penn Scheme eligibility criteria of the scheme in detail, first look at some facts which made this kind of scheme available for women of our country, especially in the Southern State of India.

Role of Women in our society and the need for such welfare scheme

It is less than 100 years since India gained its independence from the British empire, the auspicious day for every Indian was on the 7th of August 1947. India gained physical independence that day, but there are still some mental stigmas in our country which was left and holding us back since very ancient times.

One of the major concerns among all was the status of women in free India, by status, we are talking about their basic necessity fulfilment of education and ability to survive. From a very early age female child In India is burdened with various illogical societal taboos which may and do stop their education.

It is rightly said that education is the most important tool to survive in this world. If you are educated you are free and a maker of your destiny, women in India are suppressed long enough by the unnecessary societal norms which has parted them from society and that is one of the main reason today’s governments are concerned about such basic needs of a living being.

Outlook of Pudhumai Penn Scheme

On Sep 5, 2022, the state government of Tamil Nadu under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri M K Stalin and Delhi’s Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal launched this welfare scheme for girls of Tamil Nadu. This welfare scheme is also known as Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Higher Education Scheme.

According to this scheme, the beneficiary which is a girl studying in an educational institute of the state between the class 6th and 12th is given financial aid which will help them in pursuing their higher education.

As it has been seen in the state various tribal areas including people generally do not have the resource that they can spend on the girl child’s higher education. In the case of a boy higher education families are a bit more inclined and go out of their way also to ensure good things for them.

But, as a state government, every living being has to come on the same page of development and that is how this kind of welfare scheme is born and benefits a particular section of the society.

https://www.pudhumaipenn.tn.gov.in/ for getting more details on the welfare scheme you need to visit this official link of the state government of Tamil Nadu however please stay tuned while we explain further about the scheme in detail. Before we move ahead we will summarize the points we have discussed so far.

  • Scheme Name: Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Higher Education Scheme or Pudhumai Penn Scheme
  • State Government Authority: Tamil Nadu
  • Who can benefit from the scheme: Girls who are studying in a state educational institution between class 6th and 12thMonthly Stipend: 1000 INR
  • The main objective of the scheme is: Welfare of women and help with higher education
  • Official Website: https://www.pudhumaipenn.tn.gov.in/ 


Under this scheme, the state government of Tamil Nadu want to promote and help the female population of the state. A girl child who is studying in the state of Tamil Nadu and is between 6th and 12th standard can be eligible for this welfare scheme. This is a great initiative taken by the state government to bring females into the mainstream of development.

A female child who wants to do a certificate course, ITI certification, graduation, specialised course or any advanced education after their 12th standard to ensure that they can join others in the streamlining and can help the overall development of the society will be guaranteed a 1000 INR stipend monthly by the state government under the scheme which will help her in the future education.

The main aim of this welfare scheme is to increase the literacy rate of women in the state and to bring the female population into the main development stream of society. 


This welfare scheme was launched by the state government by taking down the facts that the condition of the girl child in the state and the overall country is not that good. They are still struggling to get the basic necessity of life. We all know and believe that the right to education is one of the fundamental rights of every citizen of India and to ensure that only the state government has launched this program, which will have the following benefits.

  • Under Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Higher Education Scheme or Pudhumai Penn Scheme a female child who is pursuing school and studying in the state government of Tamil Nadu between the class of 6th and 12th is liable to get a 1000 INR stipend which will help her in completing their undergraduate course, any specialised study, ITI or any other degree level courses.
  • The beauty of this scheme is that the girl child does need not to depend on anyone for getting the stipend as it will directly go into their bank accounts.
  • This scheme also helps those parents financially who just want to marry them at a very early age and encourages and gives a boost to female students to complete their higher education. As we all know that education is a necessary tool for the overall development of a person in the future perspective.
  • This scheme will have a budget of around 698 crores which will eventually benefit 6 lakh female students. 
  • Under this welfare scheme during the first stage around 613 students will get their debit cards.
  • By now more than 6,500 students alone from the Tiruchi area who have attended the school for arts, science and engineering have got the benefits of this scheme.

Eligibility criteria and documents required

EligiblityDocuments required
The candidate who will be applying for the scheme must be a citizen of India and a resident of Tamil Nadu stateAdhar card of the applicant who is applying
To get the benefit of the scheme student must be enrolled between classes 6th and 12th.Voter ID if applicable
Only female candidates can apply for this scheme.Resident certificate to get a proof she belongs to Tamil Nadu and the Mobile number

You can easily find the application form on the official website https://www.pudhumaipenn.tn.gov.in/ where you to register and fill out the form completely.

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