Manav Sampada Portal e-सर्विस बुक देखे मानव सम्पदा

Manav Sampada Portal: A data management tool has been initiated by the state government of Uttar Pradesh for its employees. The Manav Sampada portal will survey, schedule, draft, and manage the position, promotion & transfer of government employees. Furthermore, the e-service book and supervision of service records will also be taken care of, through the online platform. In this article, we have discussed the need for a human resource management portal and how one can benefit from it. Furthermore, detailed steps for registering and logging into the मानव संपदा उप are also provided in the following sections.

Manav Sampada Portal
Manav Sampada Portal

Manav Sampada Portal: Overview

The employees of the various state government departments would have already contacted their respective authorities for the registration procedure of the HRMS Digital gateway. Therefore to avail of the benefits, all that a candidate can do is log in to the Manav Samapada portal or m-STHAPNA App with the help of the user ID & password provided by their respective departments. The most important benefit of this e-HRMS gateway is that one can easily apply for leave or transfer. Employers can hire and provide training through the ehrms पंजीकरण पोर्टल.

UP government employees should know that this application can be downloaded easily on their mobile phones. Afterwards, they may easily check their online performance evaluation and e-service book management from the comforts of their home and avoid standing in queue for little updates. The UP eHRMS Portal is a personnel administration system developed to transparently manage the various departments. The digitalisation of the payroll procedure is another major factor in appreciating the National Informatics Centre of the UP state for creating such a useful HRMS tool.

Name of the Portal Manav Sampada
TypeHRMS tool
Full formHuman Resource Management System
LocationUttar Pradesh
Established forState government departments of UP
UsersState government Employees
Purpose Personnel administration exercises
Managed by NIC, UP State Centre, Lucknow
Official Website

यूपी मानव संपदा ईएचआरएमएस पोर्टल: Services

These are numerous assistances received upon registering for the UP eHRMS. The यूपी मानव संपदा ईएचआरएमएस पोर्टल Services are not only worthwhile for the employee but also to the employers.

RecruitmentThe enrollment and hiring process can be easily managed through this Electronic gateway. This will allow the employer and the new employee to keep in touch during times when the initial formalities are conducted.
Joining & RetirementManav Sampada Portal will note down the joining date of every employee in digital form. Furthermore, keep track of the services and relieve the employee upon reaching the retirement date.
Payroll System Paying the workers on the exact date without any mismanagement can be completed efficiently on this digital platform. Users can download the Manav Sampada Portal Salary Slip online.
Leave Management An employee can use the Manav Sampada Portal UP for leave application. This is one of the most common uses of this platform as of now. Employees can simply visit the portal, fill out the necessary details and submit the application. The reporting officer can also accept, reject or forward the response from the same platform.
Transfer SystemTransferring employees can be a hectic task. This tool helps out in cutting off the manpower required for the calculation of the employees’ data based on their merit. It is done automatically by capturing data related to skills, demographic information and personal details of the employees.
Annual Confidential Report Online management of tasks results in static ACR submission at the end of the financial year without any hassle caused during manual administration.
Training The training can be scheduled for the new and old employees by uploading work-related documents and getting follow-ups on the यूपी मानव संपदा ईएचआरएमएस पोर्टल.
e-Service Book Management Records of transfer, promotion, joining, relieving etc., can be collected without any manual support.
Submission of Property Return IPR required to be submitted by the 1st of January every year can also be done online through this application in the confirms of your home.
Online Performance Evaluation Employees’ monthly, yearly and overall performance is also evaluated in the Manav Sampada Portal. This helps the worker as well as the officers to track their improvement and work routine.
Manav Sampada benefits
Manav Sampada benefits

UP Manav Sampada Portal Availability

The electronic Employee data management system for the UP civil worker can be procured in two ways. It is completely the employee’s choice to choose any of the two methods. Either they can download the application or they can visit the website. Check how to avail the benefits via each.

Mobile Application-

m-STHAPNA is an Android application of the Human Resource Management System of the numerous UP government departments. Employees need only install the application on their mobile phones to avail the benefits of the e-HRMS portal. We have provided the steps for installing the application on your mobile phones below.

  1. Open your Android smartphone.
  2. Go to the play store application.
  3. Now, search m-STHAPNA on the search box.
    mSTHAPNA Application
  4. The app will appear on your screen.
  5. Click the download option.
  6. Install it afterwards.
  7. Open the application and avail the benefits.

Official Website- is the HR system website which can be visited with your personal computer or laptop to attain services in digital form. The state government employees of Uttar Pradesh should use this link if they do not intend to install the application.

Manav Sampada Portal UP for Leave Application

Now that you have installed the application or plan to check the website, you can follow the steps provided below to apply for the leave application through online mode. This method is professional and better than physically presenting your request. Furthermore, one can check the availability of the leave beforehand.

  1. Users must visit the official Manav Samapada Portal.
    HRMS UP homepage
  2. Check the homepage for e- HRMS login.
    e-HRMS UP Login
  3. Now, log in using the following data.
    • Select your user department from the drag-down list.
    • Enter the User Id and password provided by the respective department.
    • Copy the captcha text from the picture.
  4. Press the green “Login” option below.
    Manav Sampada Login
  5. Out of the three options, select Apply Leave Option.
  6. The application form will appear on your screen.
  7. Fill in the following details.
    • Leave Type- Casual Leave, Study Leave, Earned Leave, Restricted Leave etc.
    • Beginning day of the leave from the calender
    • End day of the leave from the calender
    • Select the Grounds/ Reason for applying for the leave- Child Birth, Personal work, study etc.
    • Select the reporting officer- Enter Manav Sampada-ID (MS ID).
  8. Submit the Application.
  9. A message will pop up on your screen indicating, “Leave Applied Successfully”
  10. The reference number of the application will also be mentioned in the pop-up text.
  11. Copy or note it down for reference purposes.

Check Manav Sampada leave Status

Once the leave has been applied for leave can check the status of their as accepted, rejected or forwarded or request pending by visiting the website or the mobile app. The employee must know that their application should have been submitted online in order to check the status of the UP eHRMS. Follow the steps given below to check Manav Sampada leave status.

  • Go to the menu after login into the Electronic gateway.
  • Select “Check Leave Status” from the three options.
  • Now, enter your reference number on the screen.
  • The details of the leave application will appear on your screen.

View Leave Request in UP eHRMS Portal

The leave applications are submitted to the reporting officer of higher rank. If you are one of those admins who can accept, reject or carry forward a junior’s leave application, follow the steps given below.

  • Login to the portal with the user ID and password
  • Select the third, “View Leave Requries” option from the menu bar.
  • All the pending leaves will appear on the screen.
  • Three options will be available to the officer.
  • Either accept, forward or reject the leave.
  • Accepting and rejecting are one-step options.
  • However, on forwarding a leave, an officer must follow these steps.
    • One must enter the Manav Sampada ID (MS ID) of the officer to whom the leave is being forwarded for approval.
    • Then click on the “View details” option.
    • Once again the pop-up notification will EPA on your screen indicating “Are you sure?”
    • The user must click on the “OK” option.
    • The leave application will be forwarded to the higher officer.

To log out of the Portal

Those who no longer need the services of the Online interface can open the application on their smartphones. Users need not search much for the log-out option as it is available on the top section of the app. To log out, firstly a user must click on the top right option indicating, the ” Log out” option. A confirmation message will pop up on the screen. If the user is assured that they no longer want to continue with the services of the application, they should respond “yes” to the question.
यूपी मानव संपदा ईएचआरएमएस पोर्टल log out option

मानव सम्पदा e-सर्विस बुक देखे

A service book of a government employee contains the history of an employee in the administration from the joining date till the end of his/her service. The digitalisation of a service book is a better option than carrying the physical version that is liable to be weathered or lost in some years. Candidates can learn how to check their मानव सम्पदा e-सर्विस बुक by following these steps.

  1. Visit the official website or open the application on your Android mobile phone.
  2. Now, login to the portal from the e-HRMS portal option available on the top right section of the homepage.
  3. Firstly, select the department from the drag-down list.
  4. Also, you need to log in to the online interface using the user ID and password.
  5. Enter the captcha after that to confirm the security pin.
  6. Now, select the option for “Service Book” status.
  7. The मानव सम्पदा e-सर्विस बुक will appear on your screen.

Manav Sampada Portal Salary Slip

Users need the salary slip for various reasons in their day-to-day life. It can be an awkward situation to ask for the salary statement from the officials again and again. Therefore, the UP government has devised this Payroll management to help an employee get the salary slip whenever and wherever it is required. Follow the steps given below to know how to download a Manav Sampada Portal Salary Slip.

  • Visit the official website or open the application on your Android mobile phone.
  • Now, login to the Digital gateway from the e-HRMS portal option available on the top right section of the homepage.
  • Select the department from the drag-down list.
  • Enter the employee user ID and password provided to you by the office.
  • Enter the security code as shown in the picture.
  • On the employee dashboard, check the top right section for the “Payroll” related services.
  • Clicking the same option will fetch three options for you.
  • Select the “Salary Slip option” at the beginning.
  • Now, select the year and month from the drag-down list.
  • Click Submit and the salary slip will appear on your screen.
  • It will contain necessary details, such as earnings (Basic, grade pay, HRA etc.), deductions (GPF, income tax etc.) and total in-hand salary.
  • Download and keep it safe.

Details captured in the Manav Sampada

The most important aspect of using the UP government employee portal is letting the employer collect the data to analyse the skill set of each employee. Here is the list of information captured in the digital Human resource management system.

Personal These include the employee’s basic information like his/her name, parent’s name, blood group, caste category and any identification mark on the body. The user must also upload a photograph, details about the present location of the posting and retirement date.
AddressAn employee is obligated to put the permanent as well as the temporary address and details to contact each location.
Professional The date, position and cadre of the initial appointment should be filled in the professional information section.
Nomination One must mention the particulars of the nomination in the General Provident Fund as well as the contributory pension scheme. Furthermore, their percentage is also mentioned in these details.
Education and Training Educational qualifications and training processes undergone by the worker are also set in the UP HRMS portal. These can be used for promotional and transfer purposes.
Family The name & contact details of each family member should be provided for various reasons.
Service History There are almost 25 trades for which an employee’s data is captured. These include his/ her joining, promotional, transfer, increment, demotion, inter-departmental examinations, suspension and retirement details.
ACR attributesEmployees must submit their Annual Confidential Report at the beginning of each year and these details are statistically captured in this portal. The assessment is rated on a scale of 0-10 by the seniors.
Departmental Proceedings Enquire or proceedings related to the department and work shall be recorded on the Manav Sampada website.
Leave Taken Every leave detail of an employee is registered on the Digital gateway for analysis and calculation.
AwardsIf the employee is nominated or receives a particular award, it is noted in the awards section of the मानव सम्पदा tool.

Benefits of UP Employee data management

There are many objectives of the government in establishing the electronic employee data management gateway. A few Benefits of UP Employee data management are listed below.

  • It is responsible for G2G (government to government), G2E (government to employee) and G2C (government to citizens) services.
  • It provides a user-friendly interface for the department as well as the Government employees.
  • all over Uttar Pradesh, there are approximately 20 lakh employees in various government offices. This portal solves most of the Human resource-related obstacles for each of those employees.
  • The data which is collected in this Human resource management system is used to account for employees’ skills and performance for promotional and transfer purposes.
  • The compensation and demographical report of an employee are captured for future use.
  • Authorities use these data to check the current and future manpower status in the department. This is to manage the ratio of retirement and recruitment.
  • The availability of the e-service book ensures the preserving the employee’s important information in the digital format.
  • Moreover, the master service book is also available for employers and officials of higher ranks to check the database of searchable employees.
  • One of the most important aspects of creating मानव सम्पदा tool is to facilitate the manual work required for the maintenance of a personnel’s service book. The decentralization and timely update of the transfer and promotion-related transactions are also automated.
  • The posting and transfer of government employees can be brought about with the objective of meeting the RTI Act.
  • The paper used for numerous work in the offices due to Human Resource Services can be controlled or even eradicated completely after a while. Short matters related to holiday and salary slips can be quickly disposed of, resulting in the improvement of the carbon credit rating of UP by saving paper.
  • Online employee data management will allow effective decision-making policies through the development of the output and queries related to the selection criteria at all levels.

Important Links

Official Website Manav Samapada Homepage
Visit for more such information BLW homepage


मानव संपदा पोर्टल की आधिकारिक वेबसाइट क्या है?

To avail the benefits of the Human Resources Management Systems of the Uttar Pradesh Government, visit-

How can I get Manav Sampada Portal Salary Slip?

Users must log in to the employee dashboard and visit the payroll page of the UP HRMS portal. Then, enter the month and year for which the salary slip is needed.

How to check the Manav Sampada UP Basic Education e-service book?

To check the service book as a UP government employee one must log in to the Manav Sampada portal with their user Id and password.

What do I need to log in to the UP HRMS Payroll management system?

Users must select the department in which they work, then they should enter the user ID and password provided to them by their officials. Lastly, after entering the captcha as shown in the image, the candidates can get access to the employee dashboard.

Is there any mobile application for the UP HRMS E-service book?

Yes. The name of the app is m-STHAPNA and it can be downloaded from the play store on an Android mobile phone.

Who can use the UP Manav Sampada Portal?

State government civil servants are entitled to use this online employee data management platform.

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