Essay on My Vision for India in 2047 for Class 9, 10

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047: India is a developing country and still there is a lot to develop in the country, India is celebrating its 75th Year of Independence. Now India is soon going to celebrate its 100th year of Independence and sovereignty. In 2047 India will lead a much more well-developed country, where there will be a change in the environment, technology, education, farming and many more. My vision for India in 2047 will be a new India where we will witness a totally different Country.

There will be a lot more changes in every particular thing like there will be less use of petrol and diesel and there will be more use of the artificial thing, and the education system will be more advanced. There are many students of different classes who are searching for the perfect essays on this topic, here On this page, we will be sharing with the viewer detailed information about Essay on My Vision for India in 2047.

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

After 25 years India will complete its 100 years of Independence, and by that period of time, India will become a well-developed Country. India can be in the top three economies in the world in 2047, India will completely change in terms of education, and per capita income. Everyone who is now rich or poor educated or uneducated will be living a high standard of lifestyle. Not only living standards but there will be a lot more changes in the infrastructure and the environment as there will be more use of chemicals, new technologies etc.

There will be less use of kerosene, petrol, diesel etc. There will be no more pollution caused by other gases and the factories that are contaminated by blowing the chemical vapours and smoke out through vents and smokestacks.

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

In future, there will be flying cars, there will be more use of technology and technique, and if we talk about the new launch of the flying carry then recently the Chinese electronic vehicle maker Xpeng Inc made its first public flight in Dubai. The company is working towards launching electric aircraft in the international market. As per my vision for India in 2047 soon there will be an electric car in India too, which will consume more electric energy. In the future, if every time will work technically through battery, electricity etc then there is more possibility that the electricity will be costly at that period of time.

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My Vision for Bharat in 2047 In Different Fields

Everyone is talking about a different India in 2047 but one should know in which field we will be changing and how different it will be from today’s lifestyle. India is really making good efforts to become a new India, the country will be rich in education, career, economics wise, technology-wise and many more. There are different fields where at some points India might be lacking but in some areas, India is really making a good and powerful impact.

Soon in the year 2047 India will grow more and will accept all the new technologies that will be launched in that year. Below we are sharing different types of field where you will be able to see changes or where the steps of making changes have already begun.

  • Education- In this era there are many fortunate children who get the opportunity to get a better education in well-reputed schools and colleges. India is really growing in terms of knowledge and education, there are many top schools and colleges which have been ranked under the top 100 educational institutions in the world. In that scenario, India is leading the educational department, but they’re still some children who are not fortunate enough to afford their education. My vision for India in 2047 is that there will be schools for every category of children even in rural areas where children are not well aware of how important education is. Although there will be no rural area in the future because India will be a well-developed country in the future.
  • Health and Fitness– Nowadays health has become a major concern for everyone, in future, there will be cures for every kind of disease. If we take the example of the previous year when the world was dealing with a very difficult situation of covid 19 and during that period the doctors and the government were looking for a vaccine for the disease. In future, there will be the possibility of getting a cure for every kind of disease, Moreover, there will also be much equipment for the treatment. For one who is physically handicapped, there will be a cure for them also, as there will be machinery equipment for their different body parts.
  • Cast Discrimination– In India there are many people who face discrimination almost every day in their life, discrimination for category, caste, religion and many more. India became independent in 1947 but still, there is some region in India where people faces discrimination for almost everything. In my vision of India in 2047, there will be no discrimination for anything everyone will be treated as same.
  • Women empowerment– Women empowerment has always been the most discussed topic for everyone and in every corner of India. On the one hand where women are getting acknowledged and are getting more opportunities in the field of education, business, technology etc on the other hand some women are still fighting for their dreams, and their rights. In my vision of India in 2047, there will be given more preference for women’s empowerment and every woman will be given equal right
  • Pollution– Pollution is something which is more affected by any changes that occur in the environment, in my vision of India in 2047 there will be less pollution in future. However, there will be more use of technology, and electricity and less use of petrol, diesel etc.
  • Employment– Employment is one thing that every educated person is searching for, there are many well-educated people in India. Moreover, they all are searching for a good job profile as per their education, but there are not many job vacancies. My vision of India in 2047 is that there will be more job opportunities in different fields.
  • Farming– Farming is an important need in India that everyone is after, farming is the backbone of India. All the farmers who work so hard and provide us with food and other necessities. In future, there will be more equipment for farmers to make use of it for farming. There will be more machines for other farming procedures, which will make farming very easy.
  • Science and technology– If we talk about science and technology, India is doing so well in the field of science and technology. There is a lot more to do with science and technology, and in future, there should be more useful for it. So in my vision of India in 2047 India will be a country with the best technology and everyone will praise India for their work.

Conclusion On Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

The conclusion of the article is that in the year 2047 India will be rich in everything that is mentioned in the above paragraph. Each point is very important for India to work on, in the next 25 years we will see a new India with a lot of job opportunities, and a better education system. Women will be praised for their work, science ad technology of India will lead the world around.

Essay on My Vision for India in 2047

There will be no discrimination between any caste, category colour or religion. India will be free from pollution, and there will be a lot of help for all the farmers as there will be different kinds of machines and other equipment for them. In 2047 India will be totally different, and it will be equal to all the other countries.

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How can I write an Essay on My Vision for India in 2047 for 500 words?

To write bout the topic you can read out the above-mentioned article you can take out all the important points from the article and as per your understanding write down the essay.

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If you want to write about the topic in Hindi then you can simply search for the Hindi version which will be available in any of the search engines

What kind of India do you want to live in in 2047?

India will be a well-developed country in the world and will be rich in education, technology, medication, economy and many more things.

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