Essay on My School for Students and Children In English

Essay on My School: When we all talk about school the first thing that comes to mind is education, friends, memories, and whatnot. There is so much to say about school life, as it is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s life. School life teaches us so much and leads our life to new adventures, Students learn so much from school, it is the most memorable part of our life. The school teaches us, discipline, punctuality, presentable and hard work, and this lesson will remain with us for a lifetime.

There are so many students who are searching for some new material to write about Essay on My School. All those who are here to get an idea about how to write an Essay on My School then you are on the correct page, here we will be discussing everything about the topic.

Essay on My School
Essay on My School- about my school

Essay on My School

Everyone knows that school is and will always be the best life till we all grow up and start thinking about our careers and future. People have so many good memories throughout their life but school memories are the best of all, we meet new classmates, who become our closest friends, and back to the school day there was no pressure in students’ minds. All they have to do is study, which is a very important part of a child’s life this is the phase where children learn so much as this is the starting point for children.

Step by step the student grows up and reaches the last level of their schooling and after that, all they have to think about is their future and further studies, college, competitive exam etc and many more. There is so much to say about the school which I really can’t say in one sentence, we have discovered so much from our school days, not only bookish knowledge but life lesson also. If we talk about life lessons then it simply means basic knowledge, and manners, you can say school is like a foundation in a child’s life which give you lots of life lesson for your future and different aspects of life.

Whatever we inculcated in school remains with us for life long, we come through so many lessons in life but we only remember the lesson which we have been taught in school. The reason for that is that during that phase we just came into the first step of our life which is school, and we are already ready to learn new things. But after crossing our school life we became so used to so many new things that we all can’t able to grab new things easily, that is the reason everyone says that school is the most important part of every child’s life.

There are so many memories which students recall, these are the memories which everyone cherishes for a lifetime. Everyone always uses to hear from their elders that school time is the best life and you should enjoy it completely, without taking tension of your future. This is the time when we all thought that those lines were so true because we enjoy so much n our school days.

Tips To Write Essay on My School

There are many students who are searching Essay on My School and want to write so many things about it but are very confused about how to write on this topic. The process is very simple but still, if anyone is confused about it then here we are sharing some tips to write an essay on My School.

  • Firstly, give an introduction about your school, or how you are fortunate enough to be able to get a good education in school.
  • Secondly, talk about what you have learnt in school so far, and how it will help the student in the future.
  • Talk about some memory that every student creates with their classmates, teacher or you can also talk about some achievements that students make during their school life like extracurricular activity, sports, some competition and how it helps to build up confidence in students’ life which will be very helpful for them for the hereafter.
  • You can also talk about future education or a career in a student’s life.
  • While writing an Essay on My School make sure to focus more on school lessons, memory with teachers, school and activities with friends.
  • If kids are writing about the school then there should be mentioned about the name of the school, the teachers, the subject which they have been taught and a little bit about the functions that are organised by the school.

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10 Line Essay on My School for Children

All the children who are in junior class are asked to write an essay on My School then here are 10-line essays for them.

  1. My School name is (Write the name of your school)
  2. I study in class ( Write the name of the class)
  3. My school has a very big playground for students
  4. There is a big library in our school for students.
  5. I have many friends at school
  6. My school building is very beautiful
  7. I love to go to school because I learn new things in school
  8. We celebrate every festival in school.
  9. My school teachers are very kind.
  10. I love my school very much.

Essay On School For Students

For all those who are searching for some new content to write an essay on My School then here is the solution for you, you can check out how you can describe your essay in a few words. Here is the method to write precise and concise essays.

School plays a very important part in a child’s life as they learn everything from school, from kindergarten to higher secondary school. The student learn so much in every class and their mind also grow step by step, education is a basic need for everyone and what every we learn in school stays with us for a longer time. School life is the best time ever, we make new friends we learn so many new things, and everyone enjoyed it so much.

when they grow up and went to college and take a step ahead in life then they have the nostalgia of their school and everyone misses their school life a lot all the mischievousness, their friends, teachers, sharing their food etc. My school has so many facilities for all the students as well as teachers, we students not only study in school but we also enjoy sports and play different games. There is a library in school where all the students get help from teachers and we also read new books and grab knowledge about so many things.

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