Courses After 10th Class; List of Courses, Fee, Duration, Salary & more

Courses After 10th Class: Are you one of those students who just cleared their high school board exams pondering over and over, “What course is best for the future?” This is the perfect destination to find solutions for all such curiosities relating to the programs offered to class 10th students and the fee structure for each of them. We have also presented you with the facts about the duration of these courses and the future after the completion. Those looking for the Best courses after the 10th with a high salary can check further details in the following sections. Read more about the Courses After the 10th Class in this article.

Courses After 10th Class
Courses After 10th Class

Courses After 10th Class: Overview

Nowadays, everybody is jumping on the bandwagon to pursue their bachelor’s degree after class 12th for high-paying jobs. However, there is so much scope for those who want to drop school after 10th and chase their dreams in a particular field. The only point that matters is that the aspirant should have a goal and be focused. There are numerous Courses After the 10th Class to choose from depending on a prospect’s aim and capabilities. One can sign up for a diploma and vocational training offered by the ITIs according to their areas of expertise. Furthermore, these courses are low cost with a shorter duration.

Those who start their courses after high school, start their professional life early and earn much before others of their age. This ensures a steady income and a better experience in the field concerned. If an aspirant has set a particular goal or an occupation of his/ her interest, they should definitely take a look at the following polytechnic and certification courses offered by the Industrial Training Institute (ITIs).

Title of the Article Courses after 10th
TypesDiploma, ITI, Polytech, Certification Courses etc.
Minimum Qualifications 10th, Highschool from a government-recognised board
Course Duration3 months- 4 years
Fees Range 5000- 5 lakh per annum (Depending on the course)
Fields Medical, Engineering, Art, Trade-based, specialisation subjects etc.
Starting salary range 0.3 lakh-

List of courses after the 10th: Diploma

Students can pursue a diploma under any concerned specialisation List of courses after the 10th standard. These courses have a salary range between 1 to 10 lakh per annum. Dreamers can also start their own businesses after gaining the proper academic and practical knowledge during the Polytechnic course.

Mechatronics3 Years1.25 to 2 lakh rupeesMechatronics Engineer, Technician, Researcher, Analyst3 lakh rupees per month
Fashion Design Technology1 year (2 Semesters)68,800 rupees annually Fashion Designer, Technologist, Consultant, Graphic Designer, Production Manager4.1 lakhs per year
Secretarial Practice2 years (Full Time)16,000 rupees total feesExecutive Secretary, Secretary, Stenographer, Typist, Computer Operator, Front Office Manager, Receptionist₹10,000 to ₹15,000 per month
Architecture3 Years (semester-wise)8,000 to 85,000 rupees Architectural job positions, business3.3 -17.2 Lakhs per year
Aeronautical Engineering3 years 2 to 4 Lakh rupees total feesDesign, Logistics, Manufacturing or Thermal Design Engineer,
Quality Manager, Aerospace Designer, Airframe Design Engineer or an Aircraft Production Manager
4 Lakh rupees per year (33.3k per month)
Certificate in Cosmetology & Health1-3 months.10,000 to 1,00,000 rupeesHair or Nail stylists, Makeup Artists, cosmetologists, Salon Sales Advisors, Cosmetology instructors, Beauty Care distributors Fashion Show designers etc. 3 Lakhs per year (25.0k per month)
Library Science1 year 15,500 rupees Librarian, library consultant, Web Services Librarian, Information Executive, Publication and Documentation officer, Information analyst etc. 3 lakh per annum
Handloom Technology3 years 3,700 rupees per annum.supervisors, instructors and textile designers 10.1 Lakh rupees per year
Marine Engineering2 years2.5 – 3 Lakh rupees annuallySecond Marine Engineer, Port Manager, Technical Superintendent, Ship Operator, Maritime Educators 1- 24 Lakh rupees per year  
Biotechnology3 years 2 to 3 lakhs per yearMedical Sciences, Clinical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology, Medical Engineering, Process Development Science, and Clinical Research9 Lakh rupees per year
Applied Arts6 months to 1 year30,000-4.42 lakh Graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, interior design, architecture, advertising, photography etc21,000-45,000 rupees per month
MS Office Certificate Program3 monthsDepending on the educational instituteData Analyst, Office Clerk, General, Technical Writer, Documentation Specialist, Computer Operator, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant etc. 2.9 lakh per year
Telecommunications3 Years15,000-5 lakh rupeesThe customer service representative, Telecommunications operator, Computer programmer, Cable installer, Telecommunications technician., Data analyst, Telecommunications manager, and Telecommunications specialist.1- 3.2 lakh rupees
Interior Decoration & Design1 year 20,000-5 lakh rupees  Interior designers and interior decorators20,000-40,000 rupees per month
Agriculture1 Year (2 Semesters5000- 2 lakh rupees Agriculturist, Agro-Marketing Associate, Farm Manager, Seed Production Executive, Professor, and Dairy Plant Manager.2-10 lakh per annum
Printing Technology3 years1- 1.5 lakh rupeesPublication Assistant, Printing Supervisor, Teacher, Printing Trainee Engineer, Printing Officer, etc.2- 6.2 Lakh rupees per annum
Instrumentation Technology3 years 30,000- 1 lakh rupees per yearInstrumentation Engineers at ONGC, HPCL etc. 6 rupees lakh per annum
Graphic Designing2-4 years  4 Lakh rupees Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Packaging Designer, Advertising Art Director, Identity Designer, Advertising Art Designer
1- 6.4 Lakh rupees per annum
Electrical Engineering3 years30,000 to 5 Lakh rupeesElectric Designer Engineer, Junior Engineer, Technical Trainer etc.2.2 Lakh rupees per annum
Tool and Die Making2 years 1 lakh per annumTool designer, mechanical designer, mechanical engineer, and Manufacturing Engineer2.1 Lakh rupees per year
Electrical and Electronics Engineering3 years 10,000- 3 lakh rupees per annumCAD Engineer, Field Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer1.75-2.22 Lakh rupees per annum
Art Teacher2 years42,000 rupees Art Teacher21,230 to 63,010 rupees per annum
Modern Office Practice2 years70,000 rupeesOffice administration, secretarial positions, data entry, and customer service2-3 lakh rupees per annum
Business Administration2 years15,000- 2 Lakh rupees per annumSales Administrator, Financial Auditors and Accountants, HR Generalist, Manager, etc.3-10 lakh rupees per annum
Ceramic Technology3 years9000 to 1.80 Lakh rupees per annumCeramic – Engineer, Technologist, Designer, Technician, Professor, etc.4 lakh rupees per annum
Digital Marketing3- 6 months30,000- 1,00,000 rupees Digital marketing executive, Video and audio production
Mobile Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search, Engine Marketing (SEM), Interactive Technology (like AI), Social Media
2- 6 Lakh rupees per annum
Mechanical Engineering3 years 32,500- 37,500 rupees per annumIndustrial Engineer, Quality Engineer, Design Engineer, Supply Chain Manager4-6 lakh rupees per annum
EC (Electronics and Communication)3 years 10,000 to 5,00,000 rupees per annumTelecom Engineer, R&D Software Engineer, Software Analyst, Electronic Design, Electronics and Communication Engineer 2- 7 lakh per annum
Pharmacy2 years 1.9 LakhJunior Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Data Analyst, Pharmacist, Pharmacist in Charge, Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacy, Hospital Staff Pharmacist.1- 3.5 lakh per annum

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After the 10th courses list: ITI

Industrial Training Institutes offer classes to vocationally train the youth in a particular field and provide them with a certificate of great importance. Those having ITI vocational training certificates are hired as Railway apprentices, and Trade Apprentices in the defence sector and PSUs as well. ITI is one of those Government job-oriented courses after the 10th that you might be looking for.

PROFESSIONIndustrial Training Institute DurationFEESSALARY
Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic Six months5,000– 10,000 rupees per annum 34,725 rupees per month
Machinist2 year 10,000 to 50,000 rupees1.8 Lakh rupees per year
Dress Making1 year10,000 to 50,000 rupees 1.5 -2.5 lakh rupees per annum
Fruit & Vegetable Processing1 year (2 semesters)16000 rupees50,000 – 2 Lakh rupees per year
Foundry Man1 year (2 semesters)16000 rupees 10,000 to 15,000 rupees per month
Mechanic Electronics2 years (4 semesters)32000 rupees 2.6 Lakh rupees per year
Hand Compositor1 year 5000- 50,000 rupees per annum1 to 2 lack rupees per year
Mechanic Motor Vehicle2 years (4 semesters)32000 rupees 1.25- 4 lakh rupees per year
Tool & Die Maker3 years48000 rupees 2 to 4.5 Lakh rupees per year
Electrician2 years 32000 rupees 1.7 Lakh rupees per year
Information Technology & E.S.M.2 years32000 rupees 4 Lakh rupees per annum
Surveyor2 years1000-10000 rupees per annum3.9 to 4.8 Lakh rupees per year
Sheet Metal Worker1 year2,000 to 10,000 rupees per annum10,000 – 15,000 rupees per month
Mechanical Instrument2 years15000- 30,000 rupees 2-3 Lakh rupees per year
Hair & Skin Care1 year ( 2 semesters)2,000 – 20,000 rupees per year 10,000 -15000 rupees per month
Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print1 year 35,000 – 1 Lakh rupees per annum7000- 9000 rupees per month
Leather Goods Maker1 year3000 rupees8000- 10,000 per month
Draughtsman (Civil, Mechanical) Engineering2 years 5,000 – 15,000 rupees 1.3 to 3.1 Lakh rupees per year
Pump Operator2 years 5,000 to 10,000 rupees 6 lakh rupees per year
Mechanic Radio & Television 1 year 1500 to 5000 rupees per 6 months13.1 Lakh rupees per year
Fitter2 year 2000- 50,000 rupees per year 1.8 Lakh rupees per year
Turner2 year5,000 – 10,000 rupees per year 1.8 Lakh rupees per year
Secretarial Practice1 year10,000 to 15,000 rupees per year 5.1 to 6.5 Lakh rupees per year
Refrigeration 2 years 2,000 – 20,000 rupees per year 2- 2.5 lakh rupees per year
Manufacture Foot Wear1 year5000-15000 rupees per semester2 Lakhs to ₹ 8.3 Lakh
Diesel Mechanic1 year 5,000 to18,000 rupees per annum1.5- 2 lack rupees per year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best course after the 10th class?

Students can choose from various levels of programs available in India. These include a diploma, ITI or Certification in any field one is interested in.

What is the easiest course after the 10th?

There is no meter to trace which course is the easiest. However, certification courses in Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic, Applied Arts and MS Office have the shortest duration.

What ITI course has the highest salary?

Vocational courses in Mechanical Instruments, Secretarial Practice and Information Technology & E.S.M. offer the highest salaries to the ITI passed outs.

What is the duration of the Polytechnic course in Fashion Design Technology?

For a diploma in Fashion Design, a candidate must enrol for a year-long (split into two semesters) course offered by a recognised university or institution.

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