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Residents of Andhra Pradesh have been introduced to an online cybercrime complaint portal by the state government. Those who have unfortunately been harassed, defamed or blackmailed via online or social media sites can complain using this platform. One of the most essential aspects of this approach is that a woman/girl does not have to visit the police station by themselves. Their identity is concealed and they do not even need to see the criminal face to face. Furthermore, they can track the proceedings of the online cybercrime report through the AP Women Safety Reporting Portal. Also, get the AP Cyber Crime helpline number in the upcoming section of this article.

AP Women Safety Reporting Portal
AP Women Safety Reporting Portal

AP Women Safety Reporting Portal

During these high times when technology and media are at their peak, it’s easier for a picture or a video to circulate to thousands of people within a small interval of time. Therefore, if you are being bullied or victimised by someone on the internet do not step back but fight against the crime with the AP Police. The proceedings after complaining can also be tracked with the help of the 4S4U portal of the Andhra Pradesh Police Department.

The AP Women Safety Reporting Portal was initiated by the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the AP Police under the leadership of the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy (CM of AP) on the 3rd of July 2020. Since then, the Gateway has helped many Women and Children by providing the aid and justice they deserve. Check out more details on how to complain about wrongdoings through this online platform and check the status of the report in the upcoming section.

Title AP Women Safety Reporting Portal
Name of the portal4S4U portal
Launch date3rd of July 2020
Launched byYS Jagan Mohan Reddy (CM of AP)
State Andhra Pradesh
Managed byCrime Investigation Department (CID) of the AP Police
Beneficiaries Women and Children
Purpose To provide security to women and children of the state
Helpline number 9490617917 (Inspector of Police for Cyber Crimes in AP)
Official website4s4u.appolice.gov.in

Types of complaints

If you are confused about whether or not you have been harmed in the online platform, you must check the table below; The table below will help you figure out which category of crime has occurred to you and how can you lodge a complaint against it.

Financial FraudCrypto crimes, Money laundering, Ramsom, Phishing, spoofing attack, Terrorism financing etc. are only to name a few examples of Finacial frauds that can be conducted through the internet.
Child Exploitation Crimes related to Cyberstalking, harassment, bullying, Gender-based comments, child pornography or sharing of child sexual abuse images/videos are all categorised under the category of child exploitation in the cybercrime world.
Matrimonial FraudThe fraudsters have found a unique way of approaching the victim with a proposal to marry on matrimonial sites and social media platforms. The criminals furnish fake IDs to acquire customs, gifts, and cards (information) in the name of marriage.
Job FraudTricksters are scamming job seekers by offering fictitious job opportunities on the global web by sophistically approaching their victims.
Cyber TraffickingLive streaming, webcamming or ITCs of sexual abuse, sex tourism, abuse or facilitating sexual exploitation are all categorised as cyber trafficking.
Sharing of Explicit contentsSharing or posting rape images/ videos or any other sort of sexual Crime including an obscene act is a punishable offence.
Defamation Sending, posting or commenting aggressively, shameful or misconceptions about a person on the Internet is categorised as damaging a person’s reputation online.
HackingThe misusage of electronic devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, and the internet to damage or corrupt systems, steal and gather data on users, such as important documents or disrupt data-related acts is called Hacking.

Lodge an AP Police Cyber Crime Complaint Online

This is how you Lodge an AP Police Cyber Crime complaint online without having to visit the police station yourself in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Visit the official site- 4s4u.appolice.gov.in.
  2. Drag down to the Cyber Awareness section.
  3. Select the “File Compliant” option.
    AP Women Safety portal
  4. Read the instructions, and click the “File a Complaint” option.
  5. Read the declaration and click on the “I accept” option.
    Declaration on AP Cyber crime portal
  6. Fill out the form by entering the following details.
    • Category of crime
    • District in which the incident occurred.
    • Police Station
    • Where did the incident occur? (Social Media sites – Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook etc.)
    • Incident details.
      • User Name (optional)
      • User E-mail (optional)
  7. Attach the following:
    • Supporting Evidence
    • Suspects Photograph
  8. Suspects Name and Number
  9. Submit the form.

4s4u.appolice.gov.in Track status

To track the status of your complaint against cybercrime, you must follow the steps delivered below.

  • Visit the 4s4u homepage.
  • Click on the Report option at the top of the home screen.
  • Select the “Track Status” option from the drag-down list.
  • A new page will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the report ID to proceed further.
  • Click Submit.
  • The Report status will appear on the screen.

Types of Punishments for the Cyber Crimes

Check out this table for a few cyber crimes and their punishments which a convict is supposed to bear once the crimes have been registered and he/she is found guilty.

Capturing, publishing or transferring unsolicited or non-consensual pictures or videos of a person and violating the privacy of that personUnder the 66 E IT Act- 3 years imprisonment
A person guilty of criminal defamation for publishing deregulatory statements on the internet platforms Punishable under IPC section 499 & 500 (2 years imprisonment)
For crimes related to hacking and Tampering a person’s important data etc. 3 years of imprisonment or/and upto 2-5 lack rupees fine
Cyber crimes related to the integrity and sovereignty of the country: Online terrorism etc. upto life imprisonment
Identity theft 3 years in jail and/ or 1 lack rupees fine
Child Exploitation through the Internet up to 5 years in jail and/ or 10 lack rupees fine for the first attempt

Features of the AP Women Safety Reporting Portal

Here are some benefits of using the 4S4U portal created for Women’s and children’s safety by the Andra Pradesh CID.

  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention– The 4S4U portal is a menace in itself to child predators and child abusers. Furthermore, children whose offenders are related to them or are family members find this platform as a safe space to vent out their problems before it’s too late.
  • Work Place Harassment Prevention AP Women Safety Reporting Portal is a reliable platform for employees who are dealing with workplace harassment by their co-workers or seniors in the office. They can complain about any uninvited touching, remarks, profane language use, etc.
  • Street Harassment– Women/ girls who are irritated by regular teasing, cat-calling, honking, stalking and molestation in public places that violate their safety and privacy can file an FIR against the culprits.
  • Rape Victim Support– The victims of sexual harassment and rape can complain to the criminal without facing them again and directly acknowledging them before it’s too late. It further prevents the convict from running or repeating the crime against another victim.
  • Child Victim Support– Children or youngsters below the age of 18 years can be severely affected by the harassment or bullying carried out by the offender on the internet. Henceforth, the CID also provides the support the victim needs after the crime is reported.
  • Prevention of Domestic Violence- Women and children going through a tough time in their house due to household physical and verbal brutality may find it difficult to go against their family members. Therefore, this 4s4u.appolice.gov.in is a refugee for all those domestic violence victims who want to stand up for their freedom.

Prevention is Better than Cure

If you are not the victim of any of the crimes that are mentioned above and intend to be safe in the long run too, check out the following safety techniques. These are simply the instructions that should be followed while using the Internet and social media.

  • Do not share your passwords under any circumstance.
  • Keep your social media passwords and login details in check.
  • Try to keep a lowkey, when online. (Do not share too much with the strangers)
  • In case, someone harasses or bullies you on the internet, do not confront them directly instead file a cyber complaint.
  • Public wifi isn’t as trustworthy as it may seem.
  • Do not meet or Facetime with someone you just met on the internet.
  • Research and check if the company approaching you with a job offer is a legitimate one or not.
  • Do not pay for any job offers you get online.
  • Never share your bank or card details, on the internet because a legitimate bank will never ask for one.
  • Educate the children about the safety precautions while using the internet and keep a parental lock on youtube and other websites.
  • Keep your software up to date and do not fall prey to the pop-ups.

Important Links

Lodge a complaint to the official Website 4S – Stay Safe Stay Smart
Visit for more informationBLW homepage

What is the AP Cyber Crime helpline number?

The helpline number of the Inspector of Andhra Pradesh cyber crime is 9490617917.

How can I lodge an AP Police Cyber Crime complaint online?

One must visit 4s4u.appolice.gov.in to file a complaint against cybercrime in Andhra Pradesh.

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